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Assembly Room 5

Sep 07

Introduction to Kindergarten Session

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Introduction to Kindergarten Session

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EZ Covers for Australian kids

Last Updated: 10/11/2016


As you know at EZ Cover we love the four R’s.  All our covers are Reuseable, take the cover off one book and use it on the next.  The book can now be Recycled with other paper (or stored for posterity).  Each EZ Cover is Really easy and can be used on as many books as you like.  Unlike stick on covers, our covers are made with recycled content, are non-toxic, and PVC-free.  Last but not least we offer your school an easy to administer Rebate programme.
Parents will need to select your school first from the drop-down box and then enter the promo code (EZ15 ) that's on the A4 sheet download for any orders made online at www.ezcovers.com/au.


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