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Chickenpox Fact Sheet

Last Updated: 10/08/2017

We have recently received notification that a limited number of students in our school have been diagnosed with chickenpox.

The cases are limited but it is important for you to be aware of the symptoms for chickenpox.

Chickenpox usually begins with:

• Fever;

• Fatigue;

• Loss of appetite;

• Followed by a generalised rash a day or so later and starts as itchy red spots but rapidly progresses to blisters.

A person is infectious from two days prior to the onset of the rash until the blisters have all crusted into scabs, usually about five days after they appear. Children with chickenpox must miss school until all remaining blisters have become scabs then exclusion is no longer required.

Please note that pregnant women and newborn babies should not be exposed to people with active chickenpox.

Should you feel that you need to seek medical attention please contact your doctor and let them know of your suspicions prior to your appointment. This will prevent further spreading.

For more information click on the Department of Health link - http://www.healthywa.wa.gov.au/Articles/A_E/Chickenpox-varicella

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