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General Parent Information

Last Updated: 12/03/2018

General Parent Information

Parent and Citizens Association

Seaforth has an active and supportive P&C Association.  The P&C is a valuable group of volunteer who:-

  • Foster community interest in educational matters; and
  • Assist in the provision of resources, facilities and amenities for the school.

The Seaforth Primary School P&C contributes to and enhances the learning of all children in the school.

More information can be obtained under the tab "P&C Information".

School Council

Seaforth Primary School operates a School Council who meets regularly.  The membership of the council consists of the parents of students at the school, other members of the general community, the staff of the school and the school Principal.

The main functions of the School Council are to take part in:

  • establising and reviewing from time to time the school's objectives, priorities and general policy directions;
  • planning of financial arrangements necessary to fund these objectives, priorities and direcitons;
  • evaluating the schools performance in achieving them; and
  • promoting the school to the community.

Parent Volunteers

At Seaforth Primary School parents and caregivers are recognised as important contributors to their child's social, cultural, moral and intellectual development. We see our relationship with parents and caregivers as being part of a team, endeavouring to achieve common goals. Parents play an important part in the life of the school:

  • Helping with the implementation of a range of in class programs.
  • Assisting with extracurricular activities.
  • Participating in the decision making process via an active P&C and School Council.
  • Supporting the ongoing development of the school resources and facilities via the P&C.
  • Attending parent information sessions and meetings.
  • Organising the Scholastic Book Club.

Communication with Parents - Connect

The school encourages and welcomes regular formal and informal communication with parents. During the year we welcome opportunities to meet parents at a number of social, cultural and informative events. The school newsletter is available on the school website and via Connect.  A few copies will be available in the school office for parents who can not access the internet. The school will be connumicating with parents via Connect (an integrated online environment developed by the Department of Education WA for staff, students and parens in public schools). Please see school office if you require a login or have any questions regarding the Connect program.

Student Reports

Formal reports and student portfolios are presented throughout the year.  A formal report will be issued at the end of Term’s 2 and 4.  Parents will be invited to participate in a three-way conference with their child and the teacher during the year.  Parents are encouraged to read and discuss this reporting information with their child and the class teacher.  Upon transfer, reports and portfolios will be forwarded directly to the student’s next school.  Parents will be informed of any changes to this format.

Photo Publication Authority Form

The school has prepared a Photo Publication Authority form.  The purpose of this form is to provide the school with authority for students to appear in publications promoting the school such as newsletters and local or state newspapers as well as the possibility of an appearance in a school based web site at any time during their attendance at Seaforth Primary School.

Dropping off and collecting students

Corfield Street can be used as a drop off and pick up area.  Parents who need to remain at the school for a longer period of time should use the parking bays provided at the front of the school.  Parents of Kindergarten and Pre-primary children are required to collect their child directly from the classroom. Parents are requested not to use the Staff Car Park as a drop off and pick up zone.

The Staff Car Park is classified as “out of bounds” to all students.

Student Safety

The school operates in a limited space so the following practical rules are therefore necessary:

  • running is not permitted on verandas, stairs or pathways around the school;
  • school bags are to be kept in the designated class areas until the end of the school day;
  • no hat – no play!  Wide brimmed hats are required to be worn all year round.

Lost Property

Lost property is placed in a box in the wet areas of the intermediate and senior blocks.  All named items are returned.  The basket is cleared once a term.

Marking clothing and equipment

Every article of clothing and equipment brought into the school must be clearly marked with the student’s full name.  The school cannot accept any responsibility for the loss of any possessions.

Mobile Phones

While we discourage children from bringing valuable items to school we understand that for safety reasons, parents may prefer their child to bring a mobile phone to school.  Mobile phones and electronic devices must be signed in at the school office and picked up at the end of the school day.


Students are welcome to ride their bicycles and/or scooters to and from school. Bicycle/scooter parking is provided within the boundaries of the school.  All bikes/scooters should be secured with a lock and chain.  Cyclists are required to wear safety helmets.  The school cannot accept any responsibility for the loss of any possessions.  Bicycles/scooters are not to be ridden on school grounds. 

School Lunches

Children eat their lunch in the designated eating areas.  Parents who supply their child with lunch from home should ensure that these lunches are self-contained and require little preparation.


We have a policy that no cakes and birthday items are to be shared with the other children in the school due to the growing number of students with various allergies.

Swimming Lessons

In-term swimming lessons are conducted each year.  All students from Pre-primary to Year 6 are eligible to be involved.  Learning to swim is a life skill and we encourage all students to attend. Swimming Lessons are held at Gosnells Leisure World in Thornlie.  Students travel by bus to and from the pool.  Parents are required to pay for their child/children’s swimming fees.

Money Collection

To assist with the collection of money, we ask parents to send the correct money in a sealed envelope with the child’s name, the amount of money and the activity or reason for the money being collected.  The envelope should be handed to the class teacher at the commencement of the day.

Book Club

Scholastic Book Club orders are organised by the P&C Association. Cheques should be made payable to Seaforth P&C Association.


Throughout each term school assemblies will be held and all students attend.  Student items are performed and presentations are made to deserving students.  Merit Certificates are awarded at each assembly for special effort in a variety of areas.  These assemblies will be held at 9.00am on various Thursdays, parents will be advised when the assemblies are to be held. This information will be advertised in advance to ensure that parents and the wider community are able to attend.


Dress requirements for students enhance the public’s image of our school and have a positive impact on a student’s self esteem.  They also enhance a student’s sense of belonging and pride in the school community.  We encourage all students to wear the correct uniform to school.  At Seaforth Primary School, our students were a unisex uniform.

 Summer Uniform - Boys and Girls

  • Navy blue shorts
  • Red polo shirt with or without school crest
  • Suitable footwear (enclosed shoes)

Winter Uniform - Boys and Girls

  • Navy blue trackpants
  • Navy blue windcheater or zip jacket with or without school crest
  • Red polo shirt with or without school crest
  • Suitable footwear (enclosed shoes)

Sports Uniform - Boys and Girls

  • Navy blue shorts
  • Faction colour polo shirt with school crest
  • Suitable footwear (enclosed shoes)

Bucket hats and wide brim hats are to be worn at all times while outside in the school ground.

Thongs are not permitted.

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